Cleaning our electrical equipment is the first step towards ensuring that they serve you well and for long. Dust, stains, and other forms of dirt should always be cleaned up as frequently as possible. The good thing about electrical appliances and equipment is that to clean them, you don’t necessarily have to use water. In fact water and electrical equipment never go along very well. It’s thus crucial that you learn the recommended ways of cleaning them. It’s simple, check out the below tips on the items you’ll need for the job;

  • You’ll need a soft cloth, and cotton swabs
  • Also have some isopropyl alcohol, and ammonia free glass cleaner; the alcohol is used to clean CDs and DVDs. Wipe them gently without scrubbing too much, usually from the center outwards.
  • Have some compressed air (for blowing), and a screw driver.
  • It’s also good if you can get compact disc cleaning disc.

Safety warning;

When cleaning your electrical equipment, sometimes we get so absorbed in the job that we forget our own safety. In that regard, you should always unplug all electrical appliances when cleaning them. Actually, you should have the Main switch to electricity off just to be sure that you are safe. Any liquids coming into contact with live wires of the socket may be hazardous. Also, don’t use screw drivers to open any electrical appliances if you don’t have the prerequisite technological knowhow. Some electrical equipment still hold some electrical power even after switching them off, and you may get a mild shock if not careful.

Remember that electrical work is extremely dangerous and any repairs or faults should be dealt with a qualified electrician. A good example to look for is