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Best Commercial Photographer In London

Commercial photography involves shooting pictures and in the process make money from the pictures. As a result, many people claim to be the best photographers and once they have your money, you end up regretting due to the poor quality of their photos. That however is not the case with Nunzio Prenna who is the owner of 69 drops Studio

Nunzio Prenna is a successful photographer based in London. He deals with a lot of clients who have come to deeply rely on him due to his excellent and quality services. He has a vast experience both in the field of photography as well as working in studio as a 3D visualizer. Here are reasons why Nunzio Prenna is the best commercial photographer in the market.

  1. Delivers all his work early.

Nunzio Prenna is known for his timely delivery of any photos been asked to shoot. As a result, the client can comfortably finish his/her project on time since a delay of the required pictures means a delay of the entire project. And most importantly, all photos delivered are quality and perfect.

  1. Engages the client through the entire shooting session.

So as to deliver quality work, Nunzio Prenna works closely with the client so as to understand what the client exactly wants. Nothing is important as understanding the client well so as to shoot great pictures that will ensure the success of whatever project the client is undertaking.

  1. Always in control.

The number one rule of photography is to always be in control of the shooting. With his vast years of experience, Nunzio Prenna knows when the right time to take pictures is. He will suggest better sceneries so as to produce the most exquisite and beautiful pictures. As a client, you can fully trust his judgment to deliver quality work.


Nunzio Prenna is the best commercial photographer in the market and will definitely give you a good service that is worth your money.

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Fictitious Records

Fictitious Records is a new label dedicated to exposing a variety of artists. In the vein of our independent spirit we plan to offer new avenues between the art and it’s purveyors.

A collaboration between Roger Moutenot, established producer, and engineer Michael Davis, we are proud to announce our launching act Stone Jack Jones. Stone Jack Jones and his debut album Narcotic Lollipop is the first release for Fictitious Records. Share in our enthusiasm of the power of music as we bring new and refreshing acts to light. And note, that Fictitious Records is not just out there to conquer the world.

We’re just…..out there.

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