Interior designing is not for everyone; this is especially so if you are doing I professionally. A professional interior designer has the ability to breathe new life into your room, and leave it looking so different in an amazing way. And what’s their secret? Well, it’s not always about spending a fortune or investing in super expensive accessories and amenities. Rather, interior designers rely on some interesting tricks to get the job done. To a casual observer, the tricks may appear like magic. But if you are keen, you’ll realize that it is something you too can achieve, only if you’re keen enough. The tricks that expert interior designers use can be categorized majorly into 8;

  1. Painting; expert designers love to play with colors and their different shades. They understand very well that colors if done correctly, can transform a space and give it a totally new feel
  2. Rearranging; rearranging furniture pieces is another common trick that expert fci interioir designers rely on. This could include for instance, moving the dining table closer to the window to allow for more natural light to filter in.
  3. Lighting; fancy lighting including bedside lamps, or lamps used to light your driveway and garden; interior designers make the most out of these.
  4. Decluttering; decluttering makes a space look neater, and bigger
  5. Mix and matching; mix and matching of different colors or textures is another common trick employed by expert designers.
  6. Renovations; renovations are also used to repair broken window panes, damaged water faucets, faulty light switches, etc.
  7. Space between modern designer furniture and walls; any expert interior designer will tell you that pushing your furniture pieces literally to the wall is never a good idea, it makes the space look smaller and congested.
  8. Focal point; creation of the focal point is also a vital trick for most designers like Kasun Sameera.