Decorating any space be it at home or in an office calls for creativity, and an ability to try out new ideas without messing up. However, even the best, most experienced designers often make blunders and mistakes; it’s perfectly normal. What’s important is that one remains focused, and maintain a desire to learn from the best when possible. You too have probably made mistakes when decorating your space and the sorry thing is that you aren’t aware of it! Check out the below common mistakes that most people often make;

  1. Furniture next to wall is wrong; most people have a habit of pushing all their furniture pieces next to the wall, assuming it helps them save space. However, it’s the complete opposite; furniture pushed to the wall makes the room look smaller. Rather, try leaving some space between the pieces and the wall.
  2. Too much clutter; store your items neatly in drawers or wardrobes, and get rid of any junk and clutter you no longer need.
  3. TV Placement; when placing your TV bracket or Mount, be sure to place it correctly. Mostly, we tend to place the TV directly opposite to the source of light, which makes light reflect on the screen while watching.
  4. Dark living rooms; most living rooms are dark and cluttered with furniture pieces, carpets, curtains, all of different colors and shades. Try and go for bright colors when decorating your living room.
  5. Rugs; most of us don’t really understand the importance of having rugs in all rooms. Besides adding some warmth on the winter, rugs can also be used to blend in the overall look of a given room.