It can be a lot of hassle moving home or having a major clear out to get rid of stuff that you no longer need. It is possible to build up an amount of stuff over a period of time that you may wish to dispose of or recycle. Places like a loft of cupboard under the stairs may contain items that you may have forgot about and no longer have a use for.

Firstly, you will need to decide on if you want to do the job yourself or get some assistance to quicken things up and lighten the load.

Either way, organisation is key and it is advised that you make a list of things that you have to do first and make a plan.

All of the items that you have should be separated into piles of stuff you wish to take, throw out, recycle or even sell. You can sell unwanted stuff on sites like ebay.

moving home

You may have some rubbish that needs throwing out so it will be best to get a licenced waste collection company to dispose of it correctly for you.

Charity shops would be able to take the usable items that are clean and in working order and would welcome your donation.

You will likely have some large items like sofas, fridges and ovens that take up a lot of space. When considering the transport that you are using you will need these measurements so the vehicle that you hire is big enough to take the load.

You may wish to get the help of a man and van hire company to help you out and you be able to find one local to you by performing a quick search online. This will make your house move so much easier