Best Commercial Photographer In London

Commercial photography involves shooting pictures and in the process make money from the pictures. As a result, many people claim to be the best photographers and once they have your money, you end up regretting due to the poor quality of their photos. That however is not the case with Nunzio Prenna who is the owner of 69 drops Studio

Nunzio Prenna is a successful photographer based in London. He deals with a lot of clients who have come to deeply rely on him due to his excellent and quality services. He has a vast experience both in the field of photography as well as working in studio as a 3D visualizer. Here are reasons why Nunzio Prenna is the best commercial photographer in the market.

  1. Delivers all his work early.

Nunzio Prenna is known for his timely delivery of any photos been asked to shoot. As a result, the client can comfortably finish his/her project on time since a delay of the required pictures means a delay of the entire project. And most importantly, all photos delivered are quality and perfect.

  1. Engages the client through the entire shooting session.

So as to deliver quality work, Nunzio Prenna works closely with the client so as to understand what the client exactly wants. Nothing is important as understanding the client well so as to shoot great pictures that will ensure the success of whatever project the client is undertaking.

  1. Always in control.

The number one rule of photography is to always be in control of the shooting. With his vast years of experience, Nunzio Prenna knows when the right time to take pictures is. He will suggest better sceneries so as to produce the most exquisite and beautiful pictures. As a client, you can fully trust his judgment to deliver quality work.


Nunzio Prenna is the best commercial photographer in the market and will definitely give you a good service that is worth your money.

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Types of Locks For Security

There are a many number of locks currently on the market which come in a variety of prices and security levels.
Euro Cylinder Locks
– Euro cylinders are used primarily for residential security. They are often fitted to the front and back entrances residential properties. Euro cylinders use a pin tumbler system which relies on pins locking in place to open the lock.
Many euro cylinders used on doors are vulnerable to lock snapping, picking and drilling, that’s why we always recommend installing high security locks such as a 3 star ABS lock. The ABS lock features 16 anti-drill pins, snap secure technology, anti-pick trap pins as well as a magnetic lock. All of these features is why the ABS is approved by the Police and insurance companies too.

Rim locks – Rim cylinder locks are usually used in conjunction with another type of locks usually a deadlock on the front door of residential homes. Rims locks are similar to euro locks however on the inside is a piece of metal which extendeds through the door onto a night latch on the other side of the door.
Dead locks – a Dead lock or deadbolt typically utilises a fixed bolting system which can only be altered with the full rotation of the lock mechanism on the inside of the door, this differs from euro cylinders which are based on a spring bolt system. Deadbolts are typically more secure then euro cylinders and are also usually better protected from forceful attacks.
Electronic locks – Electronic locks have traditionally been used in commercial buildings. Keypad locks, fobs and card systems have been used by businesses to ensure only authorised personnel can entre certain areas of the buildings. These systems also make it easier to rekey as instead of rekeying you just need to reprogram the system which is usually quite straightforward with modern electronic systems.
Smart locks – Smart locks are incedingly becoming popular, however these locks do have several drawbacks. The first drawback would be the price, the cheapest on the market is around £130, compare this to a normal lock of £20-£30 and you can see the difference.
The second major problem with this type of lock is that many smart locks work based on a signal from your phone which communicates and unlocks the door when your close, now if you lose your phone you will be unable to access your home, and as the lock will have to be drilled out as traditional lock picking or lock bypassing techniques are no longer feasible, the lock will need to be drilled our and replaced increasing costs further. And finally, the third major problem with this is the vulnerability to hacking. Now few people have the technical skills to carry out such an attack but the number of people with this type of knowledge is steadily growing.
Padlocks/Shutter locks – Padlocks along with shackle locks are the only type of locks which are not directly attached to the object itself. Padlocks and Shutter locks come in many sizes and security levels. Some of which are waterproof some of which cannot be cut without great effort and time. Some padlocks have a built in siren which will activate if someone is trying to tamper with it. Other padlocks have hidden screws making them extremely difficult to break open. Like with all locks the higher the price you pay the more secure the lock.
Types of Locks on Doors
UPVC Doors

Euro Cylinders
Smart Locks

Wooden Doors
Rim Locks
Smart Locks
Composite doors
Euro cylinders
Thumb turn Cylinders
Smart Locks
Aluminium Door Locks
Screw in Rim Cylinders
Oval Cylinders
Euro Cylinders

Of course, if you are changing your locks or need a repair to your door to keep your home or business premises secure, you should get the help of a professional so that the job is done to an expert standard. You can serch onlie for someone local to you by searching for a term like professional locksmith in London for best results.

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8 Expert Interior Design Tricks

Interior designing is not for everyone; this is especially so if you are doing I professionally. A professional interior designer has the ability to breathe new life into your room, and leave it looking so different in an amazing way. And what’s their secret? Well, it’s not always about spending a fortune or investing in super expensive accessories and amenities. Rather, interior designers rely on some interesting tricks to get the job done. To a casual observer, the tricks may appear like magic. But if you are keen, you’ll realize that it is something you too can achieve, only if you’re keen enough. The tricks that expert interior designers use can be categorized majorly into 8;

  1. Painting; expert designers love to play with colors and their different shades. They understand very well that colors if done correctly, can transform a space and give it a totally new feel
  2. Rearranging; rearranging furniture pieces is another common trick that expert fci interioir designers rely on. This could include for instance, moving the dining table closer to the window to allow for more natural light to filter in.
  3. Lighting; fancy lighting including bedside lamps, or lamps used to light your driveway and garden; interior designers make the most out of these.
  4. Decluttering; decluttering makes a space look neater, and bigger
  5. Mix and matching; mix and matching of different colors or textures is another common trick employed by expert designers.
  6. Renovations; renovations are also used to repair broken window panes, damaged water faucets, faulty light switches, etc.
  7. Space between modern designer furniture and walls; any expert interior designer will tell you that pushing your furniture pieces literally to the wall is never a good idea, it makes the space look smaller and congested.
  8. Focal point; creation of the focal point is also a vital trick for most designers like Kasun Sameera.

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5 Decorating Mistakes You Do Not Realize You Are Making

Decorating any space be it at home or in an office calls for creativity, and an ability to try out new ideas without messing up. However, even the best, most experienced designers often make blunders and mistakes; it’s perfectly normal. What’s important is that one remains focused, and maintain a desire to learn from the best when possible. You too have probably made mistakes when decorating your space and the sorry thing is that you aren’t aware of it! Check out the below common mistakes that most people often make;

  1. Furniture next to wall is wrong; most people have a habit of pushing all their furniture pieces next to the wall, assuming it helps them save space. However, it’s the complete opposite; furniture pushed to the wall makes the room look smaller. Rather, try leaving some space between the pieces and the wall.
  2. Too much clutter; store your items neatly in drawers or wardrobes, and get rid of any junk and clutter you no longer need.
  3. TV Placement; when placing your TV bracket or Mount, be sure to place it correctly. Mostly, we tend to place the TV directly opposite to the source of light, which makes light reflect on the screen while watching.
  4. Dark living rooms; most living rooms are dark and cluttered with furniture pieces, carpets, curtains, all of different colors and shades. Try and go for bright colors when decorating your living room.
  5. Rugs; most of us don’t really understand the importance of having rugs in all rooms. Besides adding some warmth on the winter, rugs can also be used to blend in the overall look of a given room.

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Cleaning Electrical Equipment

Cleaning our electrical equipment is the first step towards ensuring that they serve you well and for long. Dust, stains, and other forms of dirt should always be cleaned up as frequently as possible. The good thing about electrical appliances and equipment is that to clean them, you don’t necessarily have to use water. In fact water and electrical equipment never go along very well. It’s thus crucial that you learn the recommended ways of cleaning them. It’s simple, check out the below tips on the items you’ll need for the job;

  • You’ll need a soft cloth, and cotton swabs
  • Also have some isopropyl alcohol, and ammonia free glass cleaner; the alcohol is used to clean CDs and DVDs. Wipe them gently without scrubbing too much, usually from the center outwards.
  • Have some compressed air (for blowing), and a screw driver.
  • It’s also good if you can get compact disc cleaning disc.

Safety warning;

When cleaning your electrical equipment, sometimes we get so absorbed in the job that we forget our own safety. In that regard, you should always unplug all electrical appliances when cleaning them. Actually, you should have the Main switch to electricity off just to be sure that you are safe. Any liquids coming into contact with live wires of the socket may be hazardous. Also, don’t use screw drivers to open any electrical appliances if you don’t have the prerequisite technological knowhow. Some electrical equipment still hold some electrical power even after switching them off, and you may get a mild shock if not careful.

Remember that electrical work is extremely dangerous and any repairs or faults should be dealt with a qualified electrician. A good example to look for is

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Moving Home

It can be a lot of hassle moving home or having a major clear out to get rid of stuff that you no longer need. It is possible to build up an amount of stuff over a period of time that you may wish to dispose of or recycle. Places like a loft of cupboard under the stairs may contain items that you may have forgot about and no longer have a use for.

Firstly, you will need to decide on if you want to do the job yourself or get some assistance to quicken things up and lighten the load.

Either way, organisation is key and it is advised that you make a list of things that you have to do first and make a plan.

All of the items that you have should be separated into piles of stuff you wish to take, throw out, recycle or even sell. You can sell unwanted stuff on sites like ebay.

moving home

You may have some rubbish that needs throwing out so it will be best to get a licenced waste collection company to dispose of it correctly for you.

Charity shops would be able to take the usable items that are clean and in working order and would welcome your donation.

You will likely have some large items like sofas, fridges and ovens that take up a lot of space. When considering the transport that you are using you will need these measurements so the vehicle that you hire is big enough to take the load.

You may wish to get the help of a man and van hire company to help you out and you be able to find one local to you by performing a quick search online. This will make your house move so much easier

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Fictitious Records

Fictitious Records is a new label dedicated to exposing a variety of artists. In the vein of our independent spirit we plan to offer new avenues between the art and it’s purveyors.

A collaboration between Roger Moutenot, established producer, and engineer Michael Davis, we are proud to announce our launching act Stone Jack Jones. Stone Jack Jones and his debut album Narcotic Lollipop is the first release for Fictitious Records. Share in our enthusiasm of the power of music as we bring new and refreshing acts to light. And note, that Fictitious Records is not just out there to conquer the world.

We’re just…..out there.

Contact Us

Fictitious Records
74 the Arcade
Nashville, TN

email us

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